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Did you know that Coconut Oil strengthens hair?

November 15, 2011

Coconut Oil has been used for thousands of years as a traditional hair care ingredient in the Indian Subcontinent. Women in that part of the world are known for their beautiful thick, long, black hair. Coconut Oil has been used to manage, nourish and aid in styling hair for centuries. There has been a traditional belief in the properties of Coconut Oil to keep hair healthy and provide protection.

According to results published in Journal of Cosmetic Research, researchers report that Coconut Oil penetrates the hair shaft. According to researchers, the affinity of Coconut Oil to hair protein seems to be the cause for this difference in behavior, which provides better protection from damage.

On comparing hair without application of Coconut Oil, applying Coconut Oil pre-wash improves the strength of hair by 16% and is known to reduce protein loss by 28%. Coconut oil decreases the static charge on hair and helps extremely dry and frizzy hair. Applying coconut oil increases scalp moisture. In the case of bleached hair or hair treated with color, Coconut Oil shows even more dramatic results – application of Coconut Oil resulted in 45% reduction in loss of natural hair protein and halved the volume of hair with split ends!

The findings clearly indicate the strong impact that Coconut Oil application has to hair. An excellent hair care product which contains Coconut Oil is SUNDÃRI’s Neem and Coconut Hair Treatment Oil. In addition to Coconut Oil, this product also contains a blend of aromatherpeutic essential oils and Neem Oil, an ingredient known for its multi-medicinal properties, for maximum benefits for hair and scalp.

Source: Sundari

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