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Benefits of Massage Therapy: Stress Relief

December 30, 2011

During the following weeks I will be informing my readers about the numerous benefits of massage therapy, undoubtedly the most requested service in a spa.  As most spas do not communicate to their clients the multiple benefits that massage therapy can have on general well-being, I have decided to include a selection of indications for this therapy and how having a massage on a regular basis can improve our quality of life.

In this first post I would like to talk about a common problem that affects most of us: stress, and how massage can help to reduce it considerably.

When faced with threatening, difficult or challenging situations, our body creates certain feelings or natural and automatic responses known as ‘stress’.  “Stress” is therefore a process that involves an interaction between what happens in our surroundings and our emotional or physical responses in regards to what happens.

Almost everyday we hear the word “stress”, which for many people involves an ongoing struggle to get rid of, especially nowadays and in big cities, where everything happens at a rapid pace and we are put under large amounts of pressure both at work and at home.

We might suffer from physical symptoms such as dizziness, tiredness or constant fatigue, muscle cramps, aches and pains throughout our body, digestion problems, shortness of breath, dry mouth, insomnia, infections, etc., or we might experience emotional effects such as fear, irritability, confusion, mood swings, inability to concentrate or think properly and frustration. Also, our behavior may be affected and “stress” could lead to speech difficulties, impulsive reactions, increased or decreased appetite, and even consumption of tobacco, alcohol or drugs.

In prolonged situations of stress, our body can develop dis-eases. Some studies have indicated that the changes we experiment while we feel anxious or stressed are a major cause of serious illnesses such as cancer, and can eventually lead to life threatening health issues.

To fight against this accumulated tension built up in our body, a good massage is without doubt a very effective solution.  We will notice a significant improvement from the very first day, in addition to feeling healthier and more relaxed, and experiencing an increase in self-esteem and vitality.

Studies have shown the effectiveness of massage therapy in reducing employee anxiety levels at the work place. Other clinical investigations have shown that massages therapy reduces heart rate, cortisol and insulin levels, headaches, backaches, digestives or sleeping disorders, easing symptoms of anxiety and stress. A good massage therapist will therefore assist us to prevent dis-eases.

Amongst other benefits to relieve stress through massage therapy, we find that regular massages also help in muscle relaxation, reduce blood pressure, increase the level of endorphins in our body and hence the sense of well-being, and thus assist in combating depression.

Once we experience reduced stress and calm our mind, body and emotions, we are able to recover our optimum energy levels and feel healthy, refreshed and renewed again.

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